Guide to Choosing Web Hosting to Suit the Website

Guide to Choosing Web Hosting

Guide to Choosing Web Hosting,ssd hosting to Suit the Tasks and Websites Used The Thai team has experienced and the web has grown with the technology of Web Hosting,ssd hosting in Thailand since the era of expensive Web Hosting in Thailand there are few. The price range is more expensive than the current many, many types of Domain + Host (100M) = 3,000 / year and available to use a few dozen.

It has been a long time since the service provider left the responsibility of hosting domain and data, and it is still seen by many websites today. The team is also engaged in the Web Server industry. Hosting. So, this article would like to revise the experience of choosing Web Hosting how to choose the appropriate site. And can use the Web Hosting,ssd hosting resources that we rent to be worthwhile. And prevent the choice of an irresponsible service provider. Can respond Keep up the problem when the site crashes anytime.

ssd hosting

In choosing Web Hosting, the first thing to take into consideration is that. Targeted Clients If you are in Thailand, rent Web Hosting in Thailand. If the foreign customers rent Hosting Inter address only because it will affect the speed of the information and affect the SEO to find the site.

Server reliability and quality

  • Choose a service provider that is in the company only. It’s easier to track down people.
  • View the number of customers and service companies. Do you have a reputation?
  • What kind of Server Model Spec What brand of debt service providers choose PC or Server.
  • How long has it been open? There are users complaining about the service? Try using search. Report to moderator Logged
  • How often crashes for Web Hosting,ssd hosting generally should not fall over 1 time per month and should not exceed 1 hour.
  •  convenient location Have a phone number and a department responsible for the course.
  • sincerity towards the user. Do not open multiple web sales. To focus on the number of customers. More than quality of service.
  • If you choose to make a 30 day money back guarantee.

Disk / Bandwidth Features and Pricing

  • Select the appropriate disk according to the usage rate.
  • This bandwidth is very important. Do not choose a carrier that uses Bandwidth Unlimited strictly because of server load problems and crashes will follow sooner or later.
  • Ask the number of sites per machine. In practice, the number of sites will be 50-60 per 1 server is the most appropriate.
  • reasonable price is not too cheap The price is right for the smallest plan is 1000 baht / year plus – minus a little.
  • When the site grows There are five thousand users a day or more, should be changed to VPS or Dedicated Server.
  • Finally, always think that when the price is high, there will be a lot of sites and that is to take advantage of the resources of the Server fun.

windows server


What language features do you use?

  • If the web development with PHP with MySQL should choose Linux Hosting,ssd hosting because it is very inexpensive.
  • If you develop with ASP / ASP.Net and so should be using Windows Hosting because they will run these programs.
  • If you have any other questions, ask your service provider. Before deciding to order everything.



Other suggestions

  • To maximize stability Select a Uptime Guarantee Provider and guarantee within a few hours.
  • Current choice to stabilize Recommend to see the Cloud Hosting or ssd hosting ,Cloud Server.
  • The service provider must ensure the security of data, such as a good backup system.
  • The service provider must have a support team that can resolve the problem 24 hours a day.
  • The service provider must have a management system to track the problem and to be responsible for all problems.


Choosing ssd hosting Do not Take It for But That Price is Too Cheap Because of experience. These sites When selling cheap and high volume Disk / Bandwidth, there will be frequent problems such as server load and crashes daily. This causes There are a number of web servers and more than the server will work.



Source: www.ssdhosting.in.th

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